An innovative approach to land use change

Food insecurity is inextricably linked to population growth, urbanisation, deforestation,  global warming and farmland soil degradation through the excessive use of chemicals and pesticides.

CPRSX’s solution transfers Indigenous and rural open-air farming into hi-tech, environmentally controlled greenhouses designed specifically for the Philippines geographical, topographical and climatic conditions. Our plan to eradicates crop and economical losses with innovative land use change and soil detoxification systems; underpinned by modern technology, engineering and innovative joint venture partnerships and collaborations.

CPRSX plans to regenerate redundant farmland soil through the application of biochar and innovative soil control and regeneration programs. The redundant farmlands will be reforested with an estimated 350,000,000+ trees for carbon sequestration, environmental enhancement and wildlife preservation.

CPRSX formed hundreds of JV Partnerships with rural farmers, Indigenous Peoples and land owners all with secure tenure, who will benefit from new employment and entrepreneurial opportunities and access to new export markets.

CPRSX’s solution produces amazingly higher yields of nutritious food  per hectare, compared to traditional open air farming. By-products include soil regeneration and afforestation, carbon sequestration and socioeconomic development.