About Us

CPRSX’s global warming and climate change mitigation initiatives support and empower the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.  CPRSX is a private, Australian company which has devoted 13 years to designing and developing innovative pathways to combat global warming. CPRSX proposes to recover open-air farming lands for reforestation and carbon sequestration; which will lead to increased farming potential and food crop output through an innovative Protected Food Production Program.

CPRSX formed hundreds of JV partnerships with rural farmers, formal Indigenous Peoples who will transfer their open air farms into the CPRSX hi-tech greenhouses, which will increase food crop output from about 143% to 2,334% per hectare, depending on the food product. In return, CPRSX detoxifies and regenerates the redundant farmlands for reforestation and carbon sequestration projects.

The CPRSX initiatives are designed to deliver new commercial and entrepreneurial opportunities for overcoming poverty, ill health, suffering and lack of equal opportunity.

CPRSX initiatives are designed specifically to empower and enable the most disadvantaged segments of the Filipino society regardless of education, customary laws and traditions.