About Us


CPRSX’s primary purpose, underpinned by the Kyoto Protocol and the 17Sustainable Development Goals, is to sustainably overcome the problems of food insecurity, carbon emissions, poverty, soil degeneration and deforestation in a viable and durable commercial framework in the Philippines. CPRSX’s protected food production and allied projects in collaboration with our JV Partners, delivers employment and business opportunities, education, skills and socioeconomic enhancement whereas otherwise, these benefits are unavailable for the marginalised and disadvantaged segments of the Philippines societies.

The CPRSX solution delivers efficacious pathways for overcoming poverty, ill health, suffering and lack of equal opportunity. It represents a sustainable and globally reliable template regardless of cultural, religious and political standing. That the CPRSX solution is commercial and entrepreneurial in characteristics, nature and long term intent, and, because it is developed specifically to empower and enable the most disadvantaged segments of the Filipino society regardless of education, customary laws and traditions is a reason why CPRSX attracts a great deal of support not only in the Philippines, bit worldwide also.