CPRSX Australia

Never in the history of mankind have so many nations, governments, scientists, scientific organizations, academics, universities, financial institutions and societies joined together for a common purpose; the mitigation of carbon emissions and climate change and to overcome food insecurity. This historical global partnership is underpinned by the Kyoto Protocol and the Sustainable Development Goals and now the Paris Agreement, which encourage developed nations to work with developing nations to overcome global warming, environmental degradation problems facing humanity.

In 2007 Australia announced that it will ratify the Kyoto Protocol. The founder of CPRSX Robert Szatmari, thereafter set about developing only one JV Partnership with a landowner in the Philippines, for the purpose of creating a small Carbon Sequestration Forestry Rights Pool and a new form of food production methodology on a 59,000 hectare property. However, this plan changed for the greater good, as the science of climate change became certain.


Robert Szatmari

After Australia ratified the Kyoto Protocol, society and responsible Governments joined together to combat global warming and advance global efforts for Climate Change Adaptation and encourage new forms of entrepreneurialism. Robert recognised that cross border alliances, collective actions, collaborations, inclusiveness are keys to enhance environmental and funding sustainability. The plan required the development of a charitable and durable business model that would eventually lead to regular income streams, wages and increased food production within a climate change mitigation strategy, underpinned by charitable goals for eradicating poverty. The next goal was increase food production yields and harvest counts to enable the eradication of food insecurity, in a technologically advanced manner which can successfully balance population growth with increasing competition for cleared land; and an afforestation strategy. Scientific certainty shows that agricultural soil and farming lands are becoming toxic and unproductive due to excessive use of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers which seep into the watershed and further contaminate water, rain and marine life.

Over 12 years, a variety of food security and climate change mitigation projects were developed which relied on the unrecognised assets of Indigenous peoples  and poor landowner farmers, which in a managed combination, could and would overcome numerous climate change related problems facing humanity, while delivering new forms of income making and educational opportunities for our Indigenous and poor landowner farmers (our JV Partners), where otherwise they did not exist for lack of opportunity, education, distance, marginalisation and inequity.

In May 2013 CPRSX established a permanent presence in Lucena City, Quezon Province. They started the research and relationship development programs together with a growing team of Filipino volunteers and staff. The unfettered dedication of CPRSX’s Filipino team was directly responsible for news of CPRSX’s Climate Change Action Plan spreading across Philippines Provinces, with the effect that our JV Partnerships with Indigenous peoples and poor landowner farmers grew exponentially.

Between May 2013 and October 2016, CPRSX obtained Governmental support and endorsements; also from landowners, forestry controllers, Provincial and Local Governments, Agro-Food associations and Indigenous communities for the CPRSX Climate Change Action Plan ™. This plan attracted strong support in part because it is based on the Principles of Reciprocity and inclusiveness for eradicating food insecurity, poverty and mitigating carbon emissions.

Fabian Szatmary developed CPRSX’s professional and academic alliances with scientists, engineers, advisors, greenhouse technology experts, educational institutions and our energy and water infrastructure partners. Through Fabian’s years of dedication to eliminate food insecurity and global warming he has empowered CPRSX with partnerships and alliances with some of the world’s brilliant minds, which are all extremely innovative and capable of thinking ‘outside of the box’. They are experts who embody the notion and principle, that if they are going to be thinking anyway, they might as well think big. That is exactly what the CPRSX Climate Change Action Plan ™ is now; BIG…and very extensive and inclusive. It is a major game changer for farming and food production yields and much more.


Fabian Szatmary