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In the contemporary and specialised field of Climate Change the words “Business Management” and “Business Manager” must take on include “innovative management’. Innovation is usually applied to technology, medicine, science and engineering. The CPRSX Climate Change Action Plan ™ is an all encompassing, innovative business development and management strategy which rightly takes its place beside technological and engineering innovation, not as organisational innovation but as socioeconomic innovation that can be applied in every country.

The Lamborghini Veneno’s innovative engineering and technology cannot be used in every country, through limitations of transport laws and infrastructure quality (i.e. road conditions). In contrast, the Principles of innovative Climate Change Business Development and Management are only restricted by knowledge and the will to conquer problems. Climate Change Business Development and Management Innovation necessitates significant changes in practices, methodology, working and living practices together with corporate policy and ethics development.

Lamborghini Veneno; Innovative engineering and technology with limited practical use. 


Apple’s Steve Jobs was a good example of ‘business management innovation’. He conquered business management innovation in the communications market by applying an innovative mindset which gave the market incremental communications improvements. A good idea usually takes time to accept because they bring on lifestyle changes and critical changes in thinking, problem solving, habits, customs, traditions etc.


It has been a gradual process of learning and acceptance for societies and Governments to embrace climate change and find ways to combat it. The struggle to mitigate climate change is now engendering almost every nation on earth; yet Climate Change Business Development and Management Innovation is less prominent. CPRSX’s approach is to directly combat carbon emissions mitigation through income, employment and money making enterprises which benefit our JV Partners and allies. Climate change entrepreneurialism is more than a good idea; it is absolutely necessary to mitigate climate change and the Philippines are almost perfectly positioned with the requisite human, environmental and political resources.

Principle of Reciprocity

The words ‘give and you shall receive’ underlies more than a biblical proposition It is a principle adopted by most if not all respected industrial giants like Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Mitsubishi, Toyota etc. as a successful means of attracting a loyal consumer base and increasing market share. The CPRSX business model is similarly based on the Principle of Reciprocity whereby the give-away products are a business JV Partnership with management policies and models, training and up-skilling, employment and income opportunities and export market potential, in return for obtaining JV business partners’ willing to participate in and adapt to climate change and carbon emissions mitigation within a  commercial framework which benefits all; because climate change knows no borders. CPRSX’s commercial adaptation of the Principle of Reciprocity culminates with the by-products of carbon emissions and climate change mitigation; and increased food security.

Drivers of the CPRSX Entrepreneurial Outlook  

The drivers giving strength and durability to CPRSX’s Climate Change Business Development and Management and JV Partnerships are:

  1. Food security, driven by lack of adequate food production
  2. Soil detoxification and regeneration
  3. Pyrolysis and BioChar
    1. Population growth.
    2. Farming and food production.
    3. Afforestation.
  4. Carbon Emissions Trading and Carbon Emissions Permits.


Outcome and by products

CPRSX’s Climate Change Business Development and Management strategy approaches climate change by considering business opportunities first and foremost. We avoid cash flow, income and profit projections and do not connect the strategy to market research and demand assessments, because our enterprises are to deliver food, additional forestry and carbon sequestration which are in demand by everyone. Therefore, our end-user market is globally inclusive because climate change has no boundary.

Intrinsic to achieving the outcome is a socioeconomic development framework supporting CPRSX’s commercial drivers. This framework is underpinned by inclusiveness, training, up-skilling and learning resources. The ideal Philippines JV business partners and ‘Innovators’ under the Climate Change Business Development and Management strategy are those who are;

  1. Indigenous Peoples with Stewardship and or Land Grants.
  2. Recognised Forestry dependant communities.
  3. Poor and or rural landowners with Title.
  4. Farmers and food producers.
  5. Agrarian Land Reform Title Holders.
  6. Ordinary land Title Holders.
  7. In control of Forested lands.

The final outcome or by-product is increased food production and forestry growth, together with carbon emissions and climate change mitigation.

Meet some Indigenous Innovators

IMG_2677  Indigenous people 2

The Mangyans                                                                        


Aurora                                                         Atimonan