Policies and Ethics


The magnitude of climate change raises ethical and policy questions than many may not have considered. These issues and more, were considerations in developing the Climate Change Action Plan ™.For example, the following is a ‘short list’ of issues that the international community must face up to.

  • What can we do about it?
  • Who is responsible for the harm?
  • How do we decide what is a proper or good action to combat climate change?
  • Who should pay the costs?
  • Should we make new climate change laws to regulate all businesses and private actions?
  • Should we act now for the benefit of future generations?
  • Do we have a duty to future generations to preserve the qualities of earth and the atmosphere? If yes, how far can we or should we go to protect them?

The following sample of valid propositions exemplifies the enormous challenges of Climate Change and adaptation to it;

  • Businesses: Prevent them from polluting the atmosphere. How to deal with economic, trade and employment costs and losses?
  • Travel; should we limit or regulate vehicular use? How to overcome economic and employment losses ?
  • Transforming power generation from fossil fuels to Solar? What are the costs
  • Land clearing; Should we clear more forests to install Solar and wind power farms?
  • Oil consumption; Electric vehicles? how to deal with the infrastructure costs and business losses?

Each issue and the remedies have global repercussions in relation to costs and expenses, social / fiscal and political harmony, political and social will.

Other ethical and policy issues for thought can include:

  • Should we build high rise abatements in place of free standing houses to save land?
  • Should we stop manufacturing and using timber products?
  • Should we stop mining?
  • Should we settle another plant?

These are only SOME samples of the issues and actions that humanity must deal with now. They cannot be ignored anymore, not matter how complicated they are.

Failure by CPRSX and its JV partners and colleagues to adapt to climate change by implementing and relying on new and innovative communications, business development and management strategies is a failure to act on climate change, which would lead to catastrophic implications and consequences for our future generations. We know this is true now, because Climate Change and Global Warming have already devastated entire communities and forced millions into displacement, hunger,  starvation, conflict and suffering.

Climate Change and Natural Resources


Climate Change is a major cause of conflicts and wars through the quest for the control of natural resources, land and countries. The current conflicts in Ukraine, Russia, Iraq, Syria, Liberia, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Israel, Palestine and the entire Middle East together with many African States is proof. Conflicts over natural resources harm international relationships, break down cross border trade and damage good will in all societies. The rise of conflicts and wars, are said to be connected with control over oil, water, gas, power, food and humanitarian aid. These issues highlight the need to develop and agree on policies and ethical solutions everywhere.

CPRSX’s Climate Change Action Plan ™ does its part by promoting inclusiveness and unity, avoiding conflict and applying the lessons we can learn from examining the characteristics of global conflicts, their causes, possible solutions and remedies. Our research and experiences with Indigenous peoples, poor landowner farmers and all governments in the Philippines shows that they all hold common aspirations, which is no surprise. All communities no matter how diverse in beliefs and customs want access to food, water, infrastructure, housing, agriculture, farming, schools, doctors, hospitals, social services, transport, consumer products, autonomy and political harmony.

Answering the larger question?


The bigger question as to how CPRSX might implement commercially viable and durable opportunities for marginalized societies in the Philippines, is underpinned by ‘thinking outside of the box’ and avoiding the well worn, traditional pathways which are considered a ‘safe bet’. CPRSX advocates adapting to climate change in new and novel ways, with high level investments and with numerous encompassing and interrelated projects. There are no valid reasons to avoid or delay a huge and extensive undertaking of the type CPRSX and its JV partners will implement.

Our solution is charitable in nature, durable in the long term and creates opportunities for multiple income and revenue streams to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals are met now, and for all future generations.