Our greenhouses know only 1 season; The Growing Season.

CPRSX technology ensures optimal conditions for food, fruit and vegetables all year round and 24 hours a day. We control the environment, the humidity, the lighting, the power, the irrigation and climate inside our greenhouses which means higher nutritional value fruit and vegetables. Food crops are grown in biological mediums, which means we don’t use soil. Our plants flourish on nutrient-rich coir instead. The advantage of farming this way is the high nutritional levels, consistent quality, increased annual harvests and much higher yields per hectare. Water is recirculated and filtered on each cycle, so there is minimal waste. Water consumption is computer controlled and monitored. 

Food security is a priority as the world faces up to the challenges of feeding a growing population. This challenge is not getting easier because while we are combating climate change, we are also faced with managing the competition for land use between farming and agriculture, urbanisation and forestry regeneration. The CPRSX Climate Change Action Plan ™ is an innovative and novel climate change and business development project. It will make a huge difference for food security, land-use-change, forestry management, employment and commercial opportunities with the by-product of carbon sequestration. The CPRSX Climate Change Action Plan addresses food insecurity, carbon emissions and climate change with action. Each project benefits many people in the Philippines, from the poor and uneducated to the privileged.

We are ‘One’

The Philippines is a populous nation, strongly endowed with human resources and a collective willingness to overcome food insecurity, poverty and to mitigate global warming and the effects of climate change.  Former Secretary Ramon Paje of the Department of Environment and Resources wisely reiterated the positivist and Governmental view when he said;

       “The environment is not the government’s monopoly. Every citizen should see himself as part of a solution to environmental problems…”

At the sixth annual Clean Air Forum held recently at the DENR’s head office in Quezon City, Undersecretary Analiza R. Teh endorsed that proposition when she said:

       “…the government alone cannot solve the problem of air pollution and it needs to work with a diverse range of partners and the public to fulfil such gargantuan task”.

Mitigating Climate Change through ‘Charity and Entrepreneurialism’ 

The CPRSX Climate Change Action Plan includes everyone. It’s implementation can be thought of as Climate Change Entrepreneurialism for Indigenous people and poor landowner farmers. It is destined to uplift and change the lives of many, through employment and new forms of opportunities.

The CPRSX Hi-Tech Environmentally Controlled Greenhouse

Growing seedlings and principal crops in a hi tech, environmentally controlled, typhoon resistant CPRSX greenhouse is the best possible assurance of fruitful and nutritious harvests, high yields and stable food prices. Other advantages of CPRSX’s hi-tech, environmentally controlled Greenhouses include:

  • Grow seasonal, fresh and nutritious crops 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • Shorter food production cycle and easy crop rotation.
  • Protect crops, seeds and seedlings from bad weather, birds and animals.
  • Protect crops, seeds and seedlings from insects and hidden pests in the soil.
  • Plants are grown in biological mediums, not soil.
  • Grow healthy seedlings.
  • No need to buy seeds or seedlings.
  • Consistent food quality and high nutritional values.

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